Meet Wadeuncampaign mgr

‘Learn his story’

Wade Norris initial introduction to the political landscape came much like his nomination for House District 27 (JeffCo), rather unexpected and via a higher power. In July 2000 he was at his home in rural North Carolina contemplating the next chapter in his life path. While flipping through a magazine he saw an ad that read:


Without a background in politics but having a general curiosity, he called the phone number. After learning about the opportunities available in several states in the U.S., because of Columbine he believed the place that he was ‘called’ to serve and work was Colorado.

Let’s get it started!

A week after making that call, Wade arrived in Colorado. During his initial training for organizers he met his first elected official, the late Ken Gordon, founder of CleanSlateNow. Gordon provided the training and he took the group of organizers on a tour of Denver. One of the stops they made was at the house of a new candidate running for office – Andrew Romanoff.

After seeing a list of campaigns in which he could work, Wade selected Fran Coleman (aka his second mom), former State Representative for House District 1. Wade later walked for several candidates including Andrew Romanoff for the House; and Jared Polis for the State Board of Education. Through these experiences, he started building his network and developed an understanding for organizing and managing political campaigns.

While Wade volunteered with various political campaigns, he also completed his Master’s Degree at Iliff School of Theology.

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Bitten by the Political Bug

Wade remained extremely active in Colorado politics working in many roles from phone bank manager to radio show host.

Some of the highlights during Wade’s decade long political grassroots work include:

  • Working on the 2004 Presidential Campaign for Kerry-Edwards;
  • Supporting SEIU during the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign
  • Training union workers statewide to stop Right to Work from coming to Colorado
  • Launching and hosting ‘Ultimate Politics’, a political radio/video talk show hosted on Mile High Radio

Wade Norris attends a event at the State Capitol

Wade Interviews Sara Gagliardi

Coincidentally one of Wade’s interviews (Feb 2008) on his Ultimate Politics radio show was with former House District 27 representative, Sara Gagliardi.

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After working on a very intense and heated 2010 Senate Primary, inner party differences and stress led Wade to reflect deep in his faith. And thus he decided to focus his days working on humanitarian issues that affect us all and vowed off politics unless he was ‘called’ to serve again.

On March 28, 2014  Wade received an unexpected invitation from the Jefferson County Democratic Party leadership to fill a vacant seat in House District 27. Approximately 24 hours later he humbly and gratefully accepted the nomination to run as the candidate for House District 27 (Jeff Co).

Prior to receiving that call, like most citizens of Jefferson County, Wade has spent his days working in the grind. During his campaign in 2014 and now in 2016, he remains dedicated to his grassroots work in environmental justice to keep him humble and rooted in his resolve to best represent ‘Everyday People’.