Volunteeruncampaign mgr

….A Work of Heart!

Thank you for considering volunteering your time on Wade’s UN’campaign.

Volunteer Recruitment Flyer

Dear Potential Volunteer:

I started volunteering at the age of 12 with the ARC of Southern MD, serving as a mother’s helper for their special needs children. And since 2009, I have done something volunteer related every week. Wade has also been an avid volunteer and grassroots organizer for nearly 15 years. Volunteering like writing has been my ‘living therapy’ and during times of heartache, unemployment, or other crossroads in my life, it has always seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

Running a campaign is a 24/7 hour commitment with very little time to sit with yourself and think. Volunteers even if on a one time basis are the lifeblood of a campaign and provide an immeasurable asset. For example, ideally 60 people would be needed on our Walk with Wade days to go out and make a real impact in notifying the community of Wade’s candidacy. And others are needed to help with data entry, managing the phone bank, marketing, event planning and general day to day operations.

So I said all that to say this – as Wade’s Campaign Manager, it gives me IMMENSE JOY that you are willing to generously volunteer your time :-)

From hard knocks to heart knocks, WHY VOLUNTEER?

  • Because when you fully commit, the ‘pay’ is off the charts!

  • Need hours for your school requirement?

  • Are you a poli sci, business or marketing major looking for an internship?

  • Are you a retiree looking for something to do?

  • New to volunteering and looking for a volunteer friendly opportunity?

  • Going through a major life change?

  • Looking for ways to stay in shape, while walking at a comfortable pace?

There are so many reasons you might be inspired to join us on this journey. Whatever your reason(s) we’d absolutely love to have you working alongside us.

Having had extensive experience in volunteering, recruiting and managing volunteers for a variety of cause based groups and events, I have prepared a profile form to better understand your needs and assets. Our internal team will review each form to determine which volunteer job best aligns with you.